Running at a cliff with no parachute

July 21, 2006

I fell in love Monday night. Number of people who know right now… 1. Me. never felt like this before. Loved women, yes. but, at the age of 33, this is the first time in love. Nothing has ever felt like this before. And I only met her on Monday (see 2 perfect moments and death of a cynic).

But this is no romantic comedy. This is going to end badly, there will be another piece that explains why coming up shortly. Decided to write a blog about it. Been thinking about a blog for a while, but a funny one. Some of the best comedies start with tragedy.

After all, everyone likes a train wreck.
Then again, perhaps it all works out. I’m a gambler. I’ll roll the dice.


2 Responses to “Running at a cliff with no parachute”

  1. Seamonkey Says:

    He fell in love on Monday night!Number of people who know right now may have risen significantly- it is the internet and the information age after all. Let’s go!

    Death of a cynic is one of the best ways to die!But then if you’re rescusitated life might come back to bite you in the ankle and you’ll be your old self, a cynic (love cynic?) once more! Things often work in vicious cycles. But you may also be lucky and successful. You won’t feel like you’re acting a part in ‘Twelth Night’ and almost everyone dies. You’ll meet inspirational people who have short fingers and bodies who thought their short fingers and short bodies would obstruct them from becoming pool champions, guitar gods, and passionate piano players.

    Yes, everyone does like a train wreck so this sounds like it will be interesting! We shall see whether the gambler can play a poor hand well.

    Jester how short are your fingers?

  2. hey- what’s with the ‘playing a poor hand’ jibe. totally uncalled for. jester has a moderate to good hand to play with. and, yes, the sexual innuendo in that comment is deliberate. and considering the number of hits on this site the number of people who know is now (perhaps) 3. My elegant and agile fingers are far from short. A well-hung lesbian I…


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