Idiocy of a writer

July 27, 2006

When normal people cut themselves they start to bleed. Then, being normal and intelligent they either clean the wound and go and get a plaster. Or, if it is serious, take themselves to a hospital.

A writer, however looks at the wound, impressed. Trying to work out the right word for that particular type of red (blood red- idiot) and noting the patterns that the blood makes on the ground surrounding his* feet.

He notes how it feels, revels in the pain, in the experience and begins to write. He* loves this. Cannot believe how the words are flowing. How easy it is when pain and emotion are involved. Fantastic. My word- look a that stuff on the screen. I’ve never written anything like it. It get’s more surreal as he* starts to lose too much blood.

And he* is found, eventually, slumped over his computer console, somewhat lifeless, by a friend. The computer is switched off and the work is never read.

Because the writer is an idiot.


*- i recognise that there are female writers too. Cooking manuals and such. There might be blood there, too.


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