South Africa’s New Precedent

August 19, 2006

South Africa has to select who is going to take over from Thabo Mbeki as President. While it is a quiet and expected victory to have an African country have a second President in a row allow his two terms to come to an end without trying to change the constitution to allow him to stay on we would like to make sure that we can respect his successor as much as him.

Of them all the frontrunners appear to be our fomer vice president Jacob Zuma and a runner “not running” Cyril Ramaphosa.

While the former vice-president’s vices include (apparently) corruption and bribery as well as (definitely) ignorance, arrogance and stupidity the good news is they don’t include rape (just a huge lack of respect for women).

Cyril Ramaphosa, though, has kept his public hands clean by washing them of politics some time ago and going into business. Apparently a place from which he does not intend to return. Although I could see the “will of the people” encouraging him to “make a sacrifice” when the time comes.

I would like to think that we, unlike certain other countries who will remain nameless but obvious nonetheless, would choose to have a little higher standards than an ignorant brute as president. A puppet, religious extremist, warmonger and a cash-whore. We’ve seen enough blood shed over politics.

I would rather see blood shed over bad television programming and awful sex which are far more worthy causes, would create more happiness if solved and might be solved easier and together by placing porn on television.


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