But the catholic church has never been wrong before…

August 28, 2006

It’s a great day for the scientific age. The Pope, who we need to be reminded is not a Nazi anymore, is joining George Bush and his religious nutcases backing “intelligent design” and fired a Father from being his Astronomy Advisor for backing Darwinism as compatible with the Bible. In “George Bush Land” (formerly known as the U.S.A.) Evolutionary Biology disappeared off the list of approved Majors to get a federal education grant in the USA while an Irishman, a man from the most Catholic country on earth claims the discovery of “Free Energy”.

While the world gets over the fact that our Pope, a member of the Nazi Youth League in his chequered past, a man voted in over a black man as the new Pope to keep the vatican firmly chained to the 17th century, is backing “intelligent design” I remain shocked that the world is still stupid enough to listen to the organisation thar brough them such historical gems as the crusades (which contributed so brightly to our modern feelings of peace and tolerance in the middle east) and the spanish inquisition (whose innovations in torture are still contributing to society- notably in Guantanamo Bay).

I have no problem with God, faith and spirituality, you understand. Just stupidity and sheeplike behaviour. The Catholics don’t refer to their religious icon as a shepherd for nothing.

So while some of the world tries to get back to the ‘good old days’ of chivalry, obedience, slavery, a flat earth, and no dentistry I think I’m off to get my skateboard, my spray paint and find some girl to have pre-marital sex with. Someone who has a dentist and a toothbrush.

Even though skateboarding in your 30s is very uncool unless you’re Tony Hawk. Which I’m not.

Even a little bit.

And I’m holding thumbs for the Irishman, but I expect to hear that someone had to explain to him that “It’s called a wall socket and your parents have been paying for it.”


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