Catholic bashing… bashful… whatever

September 4, 2006

I always underestimate the vatican. Just when I think this particular bunch of loonies has reached the height of incompetence they show off skills of which I could only dream.

Harry Potter is “the king of darkness, the Devil”. Or so says Pope Benedict XVI’s chief exorcist, Rev. Gabriele Amorth. The well respected expert in getting rid of ghoulies and ghosties likens Harry Potter to Hitler and Stalin who were also, in his opinion, posessed by the devil. Although somewhat less fictional and, importantly to public figures, not as prone to outbreaks of acne.
Now, I am no fan of Harry potter. The movies were okay but I find myself unable to absorb more than two pages of J.K.’s (the author not the singer) ramblings and feel no remorse over the fact that 2 of her 3 main characters are due to die in the 7th and last (dull) novel.

I could even be persuaded that she might have made a pact with some devil of vague proportions to get such bland writing to be so widely touted. Possibly a double deal with Dan Brown. Two souls, two flacid careers. But- her deeply squeaky characters? No.

The last time I checked any reports of the devil in his many machinations he was not annoying, pubescent, irritating with bad eyesite and a predisposition for playing with big wood between his legs.

Well, maybe the last one. The Vatican always have been against any manipulation between the legs. Unless conducted by a Priest, of course.

Then they defend it to the end.


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