The Vatican’s back… accompanied on trumpet by George W. and other loonies

September 25, 2006

The great bottled liquid that is called alcohol and it’s sister “bad behaviour” have kept me happily, blissfully unaware of anything in the world around me usually found under the tick-boxes “serious” and “important” this week.

Its probably good that I have been away from writing for a bit since the price of a comma just went up in the world and I am hard pressed to have any punctuation at all in anything I deign to say. Our dear ol’ buddy George W currently rates a comma at 20,000 Americans a go*. I’m not stupid enough to think he would even begin to add any more value for the odd hundred-thousand-or-so Iraqi lives and wonder at the cost of punctuation should he get around to dropping the odd full-stop or two on Iran before the Democrats get into power.

Not that that’s going to really help. One group who’s first reaction to anyone who disagrees with it is to dole out a good kicking and another side that will pussy-foot around the issue trying not to offend anyone and be everyone’s friend.

But for those who think Americans just go around fucking up other people’s lives do not be afraid. They really are just trying to spread their kind of democracy around. The kind where you commit genocide against the people who already occupy the land. Then the people that are left kick out their oppressors (the Iraqi’s will look forward to that) and form a consitution. After 100 years of free labour you have to free your slaves and have a civil war. Then after 150 years you have to give women the vote and (eventually) after 170 years you have to allow black people to have it too.

Once you have that democracy there is no reason you have to uphold any of the rights held therein. By cronyism and incompetence you, too can have your judges let wife beaters go free saying “Every woman needs a good pounding every now and then,”* and rape those in your care. See, Muslim fundamentalists will feel right at home in an American style democracy, they should embrace it.

And while the land of the free and the home of the brave are out promoting war through fear, self-censoring themselves and antagonizing muslims at least the Vatican is trying to promote peace and universal understanding. Oh, hang on, wrong Pope/ organisation/ decade/ whatever. I forgot, we’ve got the nasty Nazi Pope who popped over to have a look at Auschwitz and completely failed to apologise for the Vaticans complicity in the holocaust and, of course, was ‘completely mis-interperated’ when he slagged off their islamic brothers. Not that they couldn’t do with a bit of slagging off as they’re just as complicit in the nutball brigade as anyone else. I can’t believe that it’s the french who got it right- about Iraq, war on terror and dealing with immigrants. Their rule for immigrants: you want in? You’re French first and Muslim/ Christian/ oddball/ nutbag/ Buddhist second. You don’t like it you can fuck off.

Thank goodness the French screw up so many other things as it would be a helluva thing to have to start liking them now. Especially with an English education behind me, it would feel like a betrayal of my deepest bigotries.

Bush dismisses bloodshed in Iraq as ‘just a comma’
NY Times: In Tiny Courts of New York, Abuses of Law and Power

and thanks to Kurt Vonnegut who I paraphrased a little too much.


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