The “crap scientific theory du jour”

October 17, 2006

The “crap scientific theory du jour” is that the human species could eventually split into two subspecies of the beautiful rich and the fugly poor. On the surface of it, in a capitalist society, you can get where they are coming from. But it doesn’t make it a sound theory yet “Time”, “BBC” and all our local newspapers report it verbatim.

crap-theory_42207552_evolution4.jpgThe theory: With the rich and highly educated marrying the beautiful (which I do not deny) you get a genetic run of thin, tall, pretty, rich and (supposedly) well-educated people. The rest of the ‘tat’ shag each other senseless producing ugly, dumpy, thick offspring. I don’t really care about the egotism or snobbery involved here so I won’t bother hammering on about that.

Also, no qualified scientist I, but immediately a theory hole big enough for an articulated truck, the international space station and Oprah on one of her binges to pass through simultaneously presents itself: plastic surgery. As the ability to change radically one’s appearance continues to decrease so the concept of this perfect gene pool becomes sulied and ultimately no big difference occur. Add to this that more and more surveys indicate that both spouses cheat, producing illegitimate children all over the place and the theory bubbles over the edge of the pot and douses any sort of sensible flame keeping it going.

Typical reporting: that will make a great headline, to buggery that it’s a load of old toot by an idiot with a qualification and a lust for limelight. Dr. Curry should be ashamed or at least well paid for producing it.

At least the BBC mentined in their piece who the report was commissioned for: mens satellite TV channel “Bravo”. Well known for their scientific credentials and insightful programming. These are the people who bring you “Project Runway”, “Top Chef” and “Celebrity Poker Showdown”.



One Response to “The “crap scientific theory du jour””

  1. trenchdoc Says:

    As a scientist I would have to agree with you, it’s just frankly implausible and the whole idea probably stems with the prevailing wind of scientific thought that humans not only co-existed with Neanderthal but likely exterminated them.
    As an ER doctor, however, I know for a fact that there is no shortage of “beautiful people” having sex with ugly, poor people so I just can not see any gene shift happening. As long as we have Charlie Sheen, I think we’ll be ok.

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