They killed Kenny! The bastards! Let’s let him keep the 43 billion dollars!

October 18, 2006

enron-lay_ken_apr25_06gi03.jpgA man, worth (prosecuters believed) around 43 billion dollars which the Enron Chief screwed out of his employees, clients and the world in general, facing the rest of his life in jail, dies while on holiday in a small community where he is well known and has his autopsy, funeral and cremation all happen within 4 days. The coroner’s report states there was a “Visual and physical identification.” but doesn’t state what “physical identification.” We presume his wife identified the body.

Then the conviction of the Key man in the Enron scandal gets abated (it never existed, not even the indictment- isn’t that sweet) because the poor boy did not have a chance to exhaust the appeal process. So his wife gets to keep all the money barring a civil suite where they will be unable to point to the criminal conviction as part of their evidence. Although we must grant that Kenneth Lay, well known to us all for being a scrupulously honest, down to earth man had declared that his actual wealth was in the negative to the amount of $250,000. Yes Kenny, we believe you.

Not being a conspiracy nut I do want to state that here a conspiracy is all too plausible. If I was a state coroner I wouldn’t say no to a quick couple of million back handed to me. It’s not the best paid job in the world, after all. Then Kenny, alive again just like in South Park, get’s to run off to have fun in the sun somewhere without extradition. Just to make sure.

Let’s find him. I would love to see Kenny die over and over again.

South Park lives!

here is the coroners report:



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