Understanding Christian fears about science.

December 6, 2006

Which of these men would you buy a used car from?Or: Which of these two men would you buy a used car from?

We humans are not, naturally, clear thinkers. We get very upset at any statement that deposes our import in the world.

Compare that, then, to the Vatican when we (being clear thinking people) first explain to them that we are not, as previoulsy thought, the center of the universe. But just living on one of many planets orbiting around a small nuclear reaction which is one of millions in our galaxy which is one of billions of galaxies in the universe.

Suddenly the Pope feels a little less important and he gets a wheeze on, tortures a whole lot of people and generally puts himself about a bit. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? Think how upset you get when you are told your job (especially those of you whose life revolves around work) is meaningless and then think what it would be like if up to that day you had thought you were the most important person on the planet. No amount of Belgian chocolate, communion wine or willing choirboys is going to make you feel entrely better. Putting a bit of stick about is bound to make up that lagging difference in your good cheer and warm the cockles of your heart.

And you can comfort yourself with the fact that, to this point, you are still the head honcho of the only known sentient beings in this very large universe. The very solid, present here-and-nowness of it. Sure, there may be a great black void beyond with very little to it apart from balls of radioactive detritus surrounded by revolving rocks but we are very solid. And here. Now.

Then one of these smartarses goes and points out that, when you look really closely at us we are actually big open spaces with not an awful lot of matter inbetween too. In fact, quite a lot, if not all, of the matter that’s inbetween the spaces is really only just a probability of matter, rather than actual, proper, solid stuff so that there’s no guarantee at any real point that you are really, absolutely here.

Well, you would be mad, wouldn’t you? Completely disregarding what such revelations could do for the weight loss industry, or “reasonable doubt” murder defence arguments in the American judicial system you’re going to feel somewhat aggrieved. Your little arty has been spoiled once more and all you have left to look forward to are power of life and death over the catholic world and being in charge of one of the largest richest (mostly tax-free) protection rackets and insurance services in the world.

Yes, protection rackets: If you do not believe in me YOU will not get into the kingdom of heaven. And, by the way, wealth corrupts so you best give as much as possible to me to keep yourself pure. Oh, and you had better tell me all your dirty little secrets too or you will burn in hellfire for eternity. Have a nice day. Peace and love and all that. Ciao.

So now you’re just the head of another arbitrary hegemoney (yes, with the extra’e’) and capitalist scum just like the rest of the powerful. Oh well. Best put another muslim on the furnace and ask the Cardinals to warm up another choir boy…


One Response to “Understanding Christian fears about science.”

  1. Clunkers Man Says:

    Some very interesting and insightful thoughts. I like this.^_^ because I have a blog about used car too.

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