Jolly frail at times

February 2, 2007

xxx-tottenham-hotspur.gifStandard lack of importance/ intelligence/ detachment warning. The following is about a football team that I support despite being born 10,000 miles away and seeing them play live just once. It is desperate, jingoistic folly and therefore should not be read by anyone remotely smart or in search of cognitive brain function. This is football, after all…

Our coach showed his frailties again this week. Whereas he can be rated as a decent Premiership Coach/Manager he is in no way showing signs of greatness. Spurs performance again showed glimpses of class against Arsenal. Despite this I am still not amongst the ‘boo’ boys and believe our Dutchman should be given plenty more time to get a balanced squad.

What ails this supporter most is how Martin Jol is failing to show imagination in trying to get there. Keane, for example, has only had two opportunities playing out wide on the left. In one case earlier in the season he shined while this time, against Arsenal, he seemed to disappear. A difficult ask for someone who appears more vocal than a Jerry Springer guest in his current role as Captain. I would think more opportunities wide left are warranted in the abscence of a better plan.

A broader use of Mido- perhaps alongside Berbatov with smaller, quicker men in support. We forget how much Mido, our very own ‘fatboy-slim’, helped us to our 5th place last season despite his apparent commitment to personally adding to the value of his Burger king shares. An approach with two larger, skilful front men, especially against the more fragile defences, has to be worth a try. The suggestions of an armchair coach aside when I look at the way Ferguson happily slides a Rooney out to right wing or the way Arsenal players cope popping up out of position all over the place I dispair for Jol’s lack of imagination.

Before we went out at extra time I predicted that Jol would sit back in the first half and try to absorb pressure and then go for it in the second. If I can predict his actions correctly so can Wenger, Ferguson, Boothroyd or the local village idiot. I cannot help but remember Lord Melchert’s top secret plan in “Blackadder goes Forth” of getting his men out the trenches and walking slowly toward the enemy. The previous half-dozen times he has followed this plan it it involved the slaughter of thousands of his men and complete, dismal failure. When queried on the wiseness of repeating his plan he points out that he will have the element of surprise- there is no way the Germans will expect him to do it again.

As we walked slowly toward our enemy in that first half of extra time, allowing them shots from distance and completely ignoring the defensive gameplan that had been working rather well for us till that point, you could see the future coming.


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