Head up my arse

February 9, 2007

king_street_healers.jpgWhat with me having my head up my arse (please, all Americans, note the spelling. An Ass is a donkey, an arse is full of shit) I failed to notice that there is a way to have a little audio on this page. I apologise to anyone who turned up while I was still fiddling and had the thing on autoplay. It’s the sort of thing that pisses me off: having someone else’s idea of fun or culture rammed down my throat.


I went to Sonific to find something credible as background and stumbled on something more than just credible almost immediately.

If you like “The Blues,” what I believe is known as 3rd generation blues, with a healthy kick of rock ‘n roll and maybe just the teensiest bit of hillbilly banjo from a band that could just as easily be playing something grungy and filled with angst or yet another rock ‘n roll ballad but have resisted the temptation then give it a try.

It’s in the column on the left. Right, I mean. Damn. Column on the right, just a little bit down.



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