Eugenics- hardly fascist at all

February 10, 2007

swastika-ring.jpgHow can anyone be against Eugenics? Have you been meeting the average person on the street lately? For anyone living under a rock or in Kansas I would like to tell you that Eugenics is, according to the freesearch (r) dictionary: “the study of methods of improving humans by allowing only carefully chosen people to reproduce.”

Historically, of course it could only be done through selective breeding (as in the definition) but in years to come we will be able to screw with people directly, before they’re even born. What I cannot believe is that there are actually people against this…

I challenge anyone to get into a car and drive for 30 minutes in a major city and then argue effectively against fucking with the human genome to try and make us better. At anything. Anything at all.

Personally, I wouldn’t have minded being a more natural sports player. Or have an attention span of more then 10 minutes in the presence of the terminally dull so that I could remain friends with them and get invited to their parties with their dumb, hot friends where everyone stands around trying to look good instead of going insane and having a really good time.

I wouldn’t have minded having this mental trick removed where my brain kicks in whilst talking to the self-same hot, dumb friends for only 2 minutes and asks them if they are likely to sleep with me or am I being bored to tears for no reason at all…

Eugenics got it’s bad name because Hitler was a fan. Now, I know the man is not en vogue these days what with the extermination of millions of jews, the slaughter of tens of millions of Russians* and the creation of the VW Beatle, one of which I had the misfortune of owning for a while. We should remember, however, on the positive side, that he did shoot French people quite a bit, he did stop with all those really quite sorry paintings of his and, of course, gave Winston Churchill the opportunity to give all those famous, rousing speeches which we love so much.

When you think about it in a ‘eugenic world’ there need not be that weedy kid that everyone beat up on at school who turns gay and then joins a boy band. There wouldn’t be that kid who everyone teased because he was so short and ugly and annoying who grew up with a Napoleon complex and had bad hair and a fetish for firing people publicly. Best of all we wouldn’t end up with leaders of countries who start religious wars and believe they will be saved in the rapture.

Eugenics: no Backstreet Boys, no Trump, no Bush.

That’s an advert waiting to happen.

*- can’t help noticing how little the Russians bitch about this despite having 10 times as many people killed as the Jews, by the way. Vodka is good for the mind.


3 Responses to “Eugenics- hardly fascist at all”

  1. dar Says:

    [[edited by midnightjester]]
    G’day Professor,
    -get a load of THIS

    Debate About Natural Control of the AIDS Epidemic
    Triggers Global Interest

    Michael Specter, the staff writer of the New Yorker,
    who authored the planned article that triggered this

    The possibility for the natural control of the AIDS
    epidemic triggered by the public debate between Dr.
    Rath and “The New Yorker” magazine has
    generated global interest. “ The New
    Yorker” had planned to publish an article by its
    staff writer Michael Specter that was – as we
    have reason to believe – trying to discredit:
    a) Micronutrients in the battle against AIDS;
    b) Basic knowledge of biological science about
    vitamins and immune function;
    c) The research conducted in this field by Dr. Rath
    and his team of scientists;
    d) Those governments who take advantage of nutritional
    health approaches for their national health care
    policies, namely South Africa .

    Dr. Rath summarises this debate as follows:

    “AIDS is a multi-billion dollar business, but
    only as long as this epidemic spreads and only as long
    as the pharmaceutical investment business is able to
    protect its ‘AIDS market monopoly’ based
    on patented toxic AIDS drugs.

    Any challenge or break of this pharmaceutical monopoly
    of so-called antiretrovirals, or ARVs, will inevitably
    lead to the collapse of this multi-billion dollar
    market with patented AIDS drugs.
    Fact is, science-based micronutrients – established
    many decades ago in the textbooks of biology as key
    biological factors for improving immune deficiencies
    – are the greatest threat to the survival of the
    AIDS drug business.

  2. Hay dar,

    Whereas I agree that the whole AIDS debate is dodgy in it’s entirety it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with eugenics, does it? On top of that Rath doesn’t do the debate a whole lot of favours.

    This is about marketing and Rath doesn’t quite get that, just like the rest of the scientists who think the HIV-AIDS connection has more holes than a Thai brothel.

    So I had to cut your comment short but anyone who wants to read more about the dodgy pharmaceutical companies and just how spurious the HIV-AIDS connection really is could do worse than going to these two sites as a start:
    connection to the above comment’s source


  3. the second site to try (because I messed up the link):


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