Paranoid Jester

February 10, 2007


An old piece of mine called “maybe I was too quick to damn torture,” critical of the US government, has disappeared off my weblog. This must be some growing conspiracy of the American government because of the increasing influence I have over the four people who read my weblog rather than an accidental deletion on my part or the part of the server.

In it I had a controversial quote only available on my weblog and about 10,237 other sources on the web who, no doubt, have suffered similar abuse and intimidation. This was what it contained…

From the Los Angeles Times:

Since then-CIA Director Porter Goss assured Congress last year that this was a “professional interrogation method,” not torture, citizens should be permitted to bring splintery planks, leather straps and water tanks to expedite discussions with any member of Congress who continues to insist that things are going swimmingly for the U.S. military in Iraq.

Well, as long as it’s a “professional interrogation method.” No-one taught the Spanish Inquisition about spin, methinks.

Remember, Big Brother is watching you.

No, not that big brother, the George Orwell one. You know? From the book, 1984. They made a movie. Had John hurt in it? Oh, for fucks sake, put down that magazine and go and read a damn book, will you. Really, it’s exasperating!

ps. On the subject of the book 1984 I rather liked this image i came accross during my image search…



One Response to “Paranoid Jester”

  1. Ty Allen Says:

    How do you feel now, asshole? Your pal Obongo is ten times worse than Bush.

    Holy shit, what must it be like to live in your demented world?

    A little clue for you: It’s the Democrats who want to be Big Brother. They are the ones pushing the ideas of “thought crime” and politically correct speech, etc… oh, and they are just as quick to use the military as the republicans are…except they do it incompetently…

    You’ve been brainwashed by the ministry of thought.

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