Protecting intelligence since 2007

February 12, 2007

I have been rather self-conscious of late foisting my football fascination on souls that may well have beter uses for their time, their energies and their senses like, say, listening to Wagner, watching grass grow or tasting the sweet taste of plain rice-bread.

So, to protect the IQ of anyone who reads this site from inadvertently plummeting through the floor, to prevent any of the uninfected from the dubious practices of ranting at a television screen or arguing the merits of a 4-4-2 vs a 4-3-3 formation, I have moved all future writing on the subject of football to a seperate site,

I hope this will keep the intelligences out there smart enough to avoid allowing jingoism, tribalism, nationalism and many other things ending in -ism* to get into their hair safe from such maladies, at least on this website.


*- prism? jism? antidisestablishmentarianism?


One Response to “Protecting intelligence since 2007”

  1. “…jingoism, tribalism, nationalism”

    I’m not worried about those. I need to avoid monkeyism. They shit on me from the tree tops whenever I take a nap.

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