Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2007

art_constable_tree-trunks1.jpgHad to repost Cupid’s Last Stand for today. Watch it, it’s well worth it.

And to my personal contribution: let’s see if I can evoke the right sentiment here…

Valentine’s Day- jester

if roses are red
and violets be blue
if a bolt to the heart
would go right through

if a life could change
and center around you
if I could see a future
of a beautiful hue

if joy be the staple
and light be the days
and the bard and I stay
to count up the ways

I won’t need a day
to tell you whats where
I won’t need a schedule
to state how you’re fair
no reason is needed
to stroke your long hair
no prompting is heeded
to tell you I care
or be standing there
during shapes that are pear*

a silly idea
is a Valentine’s day
as if you could schedule
such a beautiful play


with a thankyou to seuss,
to caroll and parker
who on such occasions
helps me get darker

I say to the saint
of Valentine name
you serve no true purpose
You are rather lame

you exist just for money
so people be paid
so the corny and helpless
can also get laid

it’s time to get going
no need to stop here
we’ll love one another
and we’ll do it by ear


*- going pear shaped, seriously stretching again
And of course, I am only miserable about it because I am single. Really. I promise I loved it when I was in a committed, long-term relationship. I did. Indeed. like a bullet through the head.


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