Modern Philosophy

February 14, 2007

My other site, has just published it’s first philosophical paper. For anyone who reads my drivel but does not know about it a basic synopsis here, copied from the front page:

Ever felt like all your taught behaviours didn’t feel right? Ever been surprised at your thoughts and how they differ from what you have been told you were meant to be thinking? Fantastic, welcome to the club. You are a human being of the 21st Century brought up on philosophies created by mad old men, many sporting beards and all with no real friends who have been deliberately putting the wind up society over the past 4000 years (or thereabouts).

The philosophy is based on a public vote on whether people relate to quotes or dictum (authoratative pronouncements) from famous people we might actually like if we met them. Mae West. Hemmingway. Ghandi. Oscar wilde. Charile Sheen. etc…

The first paper is appropriate to February 14th, dealing with sex and relationships.



11 Responses to “Modern Philosophy”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with beards. Humans should take pride in the few remaining tufts on their naked bodies.

  2. Dear Gorilla Bananas,

    I believe it was the greyness of the beards to which I was objecting, as opposed to the beards themselves. In your case an obvious beard is, of course, impossible to create as it would be almost indistinguishable from the rest of your body.


  3. sensestuff Says:

    Not so sure about Mae West and Hemmingway. But I’d absolutely love to meet Gandhi.

  4. I sometimes wore a false white one in the circus. Most human philosophers are complete arseheads, as you imply, but certainly not because of their beards, whether grey, black or red.

  5. Dear sensestuff,

    You would drink with Hemmigway, have sex with Mae West and chat about life with Ghandi. That would be a good day.


  6. Dear GB,

    One would assume then, dear friend Gorilla, that you propose that their problem was, in fact, that they had arses where their heads should be.

    This would presumably cause extra confusion in the elbows-arses identification competitions…


    ps. compliments on your spelling of arse (not ass, which we all know is A DONKEY-TYPE ANIMAL)

  7. Barry Dick Says:


    I found this very intriguing, and I’m wantting to continue reading your “other site” right away.

    I am a computer hacker, and if you click on my site, you will discover I have the same idea, but w/ dealing with technology today…

  8. Joe Says:

    Please excuse my ignorance but I’m not getting the connection to Orwell. I guess it must be related to 1984. Everything always is …

  9. Dear Joe,

    Actually, he is just one of the people i am going to use quotes from on the dictum site and happened to be in my tag list from another story, sorry if it gave you the runaround looking for something. Probably shouldn’t have tagged it… one of those 4am things.


  10. Joe Says:

    Thanks. I thought it was something like that. 🙂


  11. Alec Gullon Says:

    Hehe, that would be a good day midnight jester. Sex, alcohol and deep philosophical discussion. What a life 😀

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