PAXMAN- an education

February 17, 2007

jeremy_paxman_newsnight.jpgI am not much of one to linking to the external, my ‘blogroll’ is usually about as far as I go. I am also neither a YouTube whore nor a client of the YouTube whoring system but this is, quite simply, something people should see.

It is a long time since I have had the joy of watching an interviewer who is not only dogged but smarter than the people he is interviewing. Paxman does not let anyone get away with political doublespeak, he doesn’t allow himself to be confused so that he has to move on to the next question.

Paxman listens carefully and then, if the question is unanswered or avoided, he asks it again and again. He makes sure you know just how duplicitous people are not by accusation but by repeatedly hunting down the actual answer to his questions- whether he eventually gets them or not.

Watch him ask the same question, patiently, 11 times. Okay, maybe not so patiently. Interviewers out there: this is how you do it!


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