No fan nor foe of lesbianism, I* BSE Britney

February 20, 2007

shaved_head.jpgActually, this post has bugger-all to do with lesbianism, feminism, nihilism or altruism. What it is about is female stars hacking off their hair and the “Golden Children” of pop and what happens to them.

Britney shaved her head to go a little punk and somehow this made it onto our local TV news program in South Africa. Thirty minutes to bring us the world and they bring us a bald prima donna more usually clad in skimpy outfits replete in tracksuit with half- a- head- shave.

Leaving for a moment the publicity value of the “Mad Cow” action and completely passing over the fact that you don’t need to go to a very public hair salon to do it right in front of the window if you are really going through some sort of personal nightmare, a $15 shaver will do the job at home, we get to the important stuff.

BSE Britney actually is going to look pretty good. Like Sinead O’Connor before her- who actually shaved her head for a reason other than self aggrandisation- it may well suit her face and should take people’s mind off the public crime that was promoting Kevin Federline, a man that made Vanilla Ice’s come-back look a good bet.

Hopefully it is followed by her actually showing a talent besides looking good in a red latex catsuit and hitting a note. Not that I have anything against those qualities- it just should not be enough to spawn a long career. One album is enough and we’re, I believe, well past that point.

So with this publicity stunt underway and television psychologists getting their first real money since Big Brother, the OJ Trial and the Michael Jackson inquest we can at least take solace that the children of a few more hollywood psychologists won’t be going hungry this winter.

Annie Lennox looked good to. Does Britney have the talent of a Sinead or an Annie waiting beyond that boob-job? On evidence so far I think not.


*- this piece was a necessary knee jerk reaction to the previous, overly serious, overly long piece.


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