Tipping Point

March 21, 2007

All despotic regimes face The Tipping Point. I am watching Zimbabwe closely. The Tipping Point is a simple concept. When enough of the population decide that their chances of survival are better by ousting the government regardless of the potential violence the Tipping Point has been reached.

The Tipping Point was a concept well understood by Saddam Hussein who, whilst he imprisoned and tortured political opponents, allowed normal life of those who would not oppose him to continue relatively unbothered. He made sure enough people still had enough to lose which is how he survived.

Each piece of violence, each day you cannot feed yourself and your family, each day you are scared of what the police and army might do to you and the people you love you get closer to The Tipping Point.

Zimbabwe appears within 6 months of The Tipping Point. If they reach it civil war is a serious possibility. The only hope will be if the police and army have, too, had enough and stand back and allow it to happen.

Let’s hope.


3 Responses to “Tipping Point”

  1. Zim offers a more credible case for invasion than Iraq. Is Bush listening or are the American presidential polls too close for him to bother

  2. misterlister Says:

    I think your definition of tipping point is correct. Iraqis didn’t like Saddam, and they were happy to see him go. But their lives were livable.

    The regrets of the man who brought down Saddam

    Ordinary Afghans want the Taliban back [My blog]

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