May 8, 2007


kiva.gifis a great idea which allows people able to do so to lend money to poor people around the world trying to start a business. Just when I think humanity is irredeemable (especially me) I come across something like this that is actually working and become impressed. Went to check out the site after I saw it featured on BBCworld and in the New York Times.

I have never asked this before but please vote this up on Reddit and Digg or any other similar sites- it’s a good cause.

They use local microfinance institutions around the world to administer the loans you make.

I have been giving certain homeless people an “open loan” of all the equipment to start their own car cleaning franchises for some time and it makes the world of difference to them.


20 Responses to “www.kiva.org”

  1. Hearty greetings

    I am a forty eight year old female and a single mother with three children. I suffered a brain aneurysm and could not continue with my teaching career.How can I apply for a KIVA Loan to start a micro business to enable me take care of my children and my aging mother?

    I look forward to a reply.

    Yours sincerely


  2. Hey Agnes,

    Online is the place to start… http://www.kiva.org. All the info you need is there.

    Just have a good idea of what you want to do and how it can succeed!

  3. mary wilder Says:

    I can’t find a place to lend money. I keep searching without success. Tell me what to do. I have signed up, but where to send money?????

  4. mary wilder Says:

    I mean on your website???

  5. cincy Says:

    I have looked all over the http://www.kiva.org website, and I can not find on the Kiva website how one applies for a loan. Can you please direct me to a specific link, or which particular section I can find it in?
    I am looking for this info for a family member living in an underdeveloped country.
    Thank you.

  6. Jemba Herman Says:

    I have just learned of kiva non profit loans and would like to apply for a loan.How can i go about it.

  7. sevume patrick Says:

    how do i apply for a kiva loan

  8. Hey folks- all the info you need to apply for a loan is right there on the website. Look for who represents kiva in your country. If there isn’t anyone- you can’t until someone qualified decides to do it.

    As for sending me money, dear Mary Wilder, you cannot. I have not been savvy enough to create a method to actually profit from my websites.

    But the thought counts…

  9. Mbula Elizabeth Says:

    I learnt about you from the Oprah Winfrey Show recently. I have been to your website and cannot find information on how to get financing to start a small business.

    I would like the information on how I can get financing (Loan) to start a small business. Kindly email the details.


    Mbula Elizabeth M.

  10. I am in Kenya and i need to know much about geting loans from Keeva to start a mall or medium scale Business.

    Please reply with the given Email.

  11. Hello
    I’m a youth in Kenya with great desire to be independet financially. Currently in college pursuing Analytical chemistry and I survive on well wishersd for funding.I’ve heard of kiva loans plan recently what can i do to secure a loan since i have scanned an enviroment for a business opportunity i can manage even while a student since I’m in my final year.yours sincerely,MUTISYA BERNARD

  12. please reply with the given email

  13. hi, i am aschool leaver struggling with two orpaned children from my sister. however i have been struggling to set them up in some business so that they can be self reliant. could you therefore let me know how i can be helped through tis project to aquire or get somebody buy us a brick making machine.

  14. Joyce Muema Says:

    Want to know how i can apply for a loan from Kiva for a project

  15. Guer Says:

    I am a mom with a son on his way to college,I have a home day care and i am looking for a loan to improuve my day care, which will help me take on more children and help me to be more financialy independante. With my imcome now i am taking care of my mom, my two sons and my husband who just loss his job. I am looking for a $10,000 loan i am in the US please help.

  16. aibatova yulia Says:

    how can i apply for the kiva loan. i am in russia

  17. red bear Says:

    dear all,
    i think we live in a sick world, when we are looking for a loan, there is a long way in search. i have been looking for a loan over internet for many years and return in nothing in hand.

  18. Lawan Baldwin Says:

    Amazing what life is, am working on something called a “trust loan” its more like an angel investor gone extreme and the collateral is the trust while loans are sorted via application for whatever use or cause $500.00 specifically. Unfortunately I myself need a loan to get things in place before I can start lending out. It really is a sick world but comfy at the same time.

  19. tôi muốn làm chi nhánh cho vay tiền với người nghèo ở việt nam

  20. I want to receive money for the poor branch in Vietnam to live, how ?

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