Creeping Insanity

May 31, 2007

The BBC has shut down an educational series of programmes that were “too successful” as they were eating into the profits of the private sector. The BBC is paid for by subscribers, the British Public, to provide them with entertainment and benefitial programming. When did making money become less imporant than education?

The Democrats in the US backed down on their demand for a schedule to end the war despite getting control of congress and the senate based on the fact that the American people want out. No- one has the courage to impeach the President or Vice President despite their being plenty of cause.

In European football Inter Milan who were caught cheating in the Italian Leagues by manipulating referees were allowed back into European Competition after initially being excluded and celebrated as Champions despite being cheats.

Almost none of the G8 group of nations have fulfilled even half of their commitments to Africa for aid and continue to turn a blind eye to their citizens who, for the past 100 years, have been organising military coups and financing extremist groups against democratic governments in order to get mineral rights on the continent.

A pretty, blonde- haired, blue eyed, young girl who has been abducted has now supassed the amount of news hours spent on reporting the disasterous genocide in Darfur where hundreds of thousands have been killed in the purges and 2.5 million have lost their homes.

China and now the US flagrantly abuse human rights yet no-one says anything because they don’t want to endanger trade with the countries. Money has become more important than humans.

Big Brother UK finally, for the first time, justified it’s original “social experiment” title when racism is dealt with and shown in all it’s stark glory, sparking an international debate which has been out of the public eye for, perhaps, too long and the public attack them for doing so and they are sanction by the British Broadcasting Authority.

Every international television news agency irresponsibly reports that the Iranian Prime Minister asked for israel to be “wiped from the face of the earth.” When proper, non-american translators are finally used few but the BBC deal with the fact that what he said translates closely to a desire for “regime change” in the US and Israel. All but the BBC forget that Iran has a democracy of sorts at least as valid as the one in the US less than 100 years ago. Give them time.

People feel outrage that the UK government wants to compell immigrants to learn English so they can fit in better and feel more integrated into the society.

The only straight- talking candidates in the USA, Gravel and Paul, in both the Republican and Democratic Party have a combined support of less than 3% in the polls.

The only country behaving in any way morally that I can think of is South Africa where the population holds high standards and attacks their government daily on important issues like crime and human rights.

The only outspoken people are a few hollywood stars and one or two musicians and the press barely take any notice, even of them. I couldn’t bear to be funny in May. I just couldn’t. My sense of humour has failed me. I frvently hope it shall return in June.


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  1. pizzagal Says:

    Love the masturbation stat! lol

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