Jester saves the world…!

August 6, 2007

Jester saves the world…! bit by bit… part 3 (or something).

When a person commits a murder they get a portion of their life taken from them in punishment. When a company is found liable of killing people it receives a fine. But companies are legal personalities… shouldn’t they give up a portion of their existence just like people?

Companies always make a calculation when they find out one of their products is faulty and could result in death or disability. Will it cost more to recall the product or just pay out for the lawsuits when people die? If a recall costs more than a fine and a couple of lawsuits they let the people die. Simple.

But if you took, say, 33% of the existence of a company (equivalent to 25yrs of a 75yr life) and added the asset to the country’s tax base (goes to the people) you would have investors a little more concerned with their company’s ethics alongside the bottom line. Companies that add to the suffering of a country and get caught end up contributing to education, security, hospitals and so- on. And, maybe, eventually, one day, we could stop paying taxes.

Or we could just shoot the CEOs of the companies. That would be more fun and more satisfying.


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