Damn Puritans

April 3, 2008

Max Mosley, the 67yr old head of the FIA, has been outed by a British newspaper who got video of him enjoying a sado-masochistic orgy with 5 prostitutes- playing out Nazi concentration-camp scenes with him as both guard and victim.

There is a lot of hue and cry about this right now and, of course, the papers dredged up that his father was a fascist and right-wing nutter who had a certain Mr. Hitler at his wedding. I wouldn’t want to be held responsible for my father’s behaviour. Anyway, fascism is ‘in’ right now: look at the USA under GW.

What, exactly, are they angry about? None of the papers I read state what country this actually happened in so we don’t know if prostitution there was illegal (as it still is in Britain) or whether it happened in a country where it is illegal to show the Nazi flag or symbol in public… in which case I don’t think Mr. Mosely is in trouble anyway as it all took place in a dungeon not in the middle of a Berlin Shopping Mall. It might have been important enough for a news story, I suppose, if the women had turned out to be real Nazi’s intent on recovering the Holy Grail and setting the Nazi Empire back on course but all early reports indicate not.

It’s not like Mr. Mosley only tried on the Nazi uniform and played guard, either. This is a man who wanted to try both sides of the game and played for a little submission as a victim, too. This is really not a big deal. Really. Yet the Prince of Bahrain has asked him not to attend the Bahrain Grand Prix and some people are calling for him to resign. What a load of old tosh.

I think, though, that in all this Puritanical frenzy we are all missing something terribly important here: the financial windfall that Viagra has brought to the prostitution industry. Here was a man who could take on not just one, not two, but five women at the age of 67! At the tender age of 35 I would feel less than confident at my ability to take on a whole handful of the opposite sex but here is a pensioner knocking them away like it’s Sunday afternoon croquet (with Nazi’s) and then relaxing afterwards with a cup of tea.

I imagine that all his father could have done with 5 female Nazi’s at 67 would have been play croquet and he probably did.

It’s really time we got over all this stuff about people’s sex lives. Unless someone is hurting someone else (who doesn’t want to be hurt) or is preying on those deemed incapable of making choices for themselves through age, mental incapacity or being President of the USA they really need to be left alone unless they post it all on YouTube.

And this prostitution thing being illegal has got to stop, too. What a man and a woman and another man and a midget in a dress carrying a squirt gun filled with oil do to earn money in their own time with their own bodies is their business unless, again, they decide to post it on YouTube.

Go Max!


3 Responses to “Damn Puritans”

  1. max Says:

    I would be happier if his name was not Max but other than that, it is his business. Weird business, but nevertheless, his business.

  2. Oscarandre Says:

    I’m somewhat concerned that there is a possibility that I might, at aged 67, still want to bed 5 Wagnerian Arayan prostitutes. My current expectations are so comparatively modest and yet so consistently unmet that I was kind of hoping for a period of geriatric-inspired complacency in all things carnal.

  3. Presbyopia Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Presbyopia.

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