kevin-bw.jpgWitty, intelligent, fun, irreverent fully clothed and self-assured are all terms that I would use to describe myself. I do have to consider the possibility, of course, that i may be at least marginally biased.

I have two legs, two arms and all the other requisite items that come with a human body. I have a fine mind but an awful brain. Said mind does have a habit of taking short vacations without me but that’s okay: it’s well known that it’s good to get away occasionally.

I’m not tall, I’m not short, not fat, not thin, not aggressive, not passive, not nondescript and not likely to find an interesting or entertaining way of ending this sentence so I may as well just stop now.

I love to read, love to chat, love to play sport and love to love. which is like hart to hart, a bad 80’s series but doesn’t have the same credible script. or robert wagner.

I love to write, too, but apathy and limited talent holds me back. Actually, since reading a Jack Higgins book I believe just apathy holds me back. After 6 years of trying I have 2 chapters which have survived 3 months without being thrown away or edited to oblivion which, probably, means they will stay. Hooray!

I have travelled and lived abroad. Sometimes successfully.

jester.jpgI once tried to cycle from Durban to Mocambique with no map, no training, and a backpack containing 3 bananas, 2 apples, a roll of toilet paper, one of those emergency blankets that fold up to the size of a deck of cards and 6 litres of water. (When I say no map- I had looked in a world atlas- it didn’t look very far. About a thumbnail.)

I approach the world with little fear, no corduroy clothing, clean underwear and a lot of self belief.

I have been a bartender, waiter, chauffeur to a lambada band, salesman, promoter, teacher, event co-ordinator, sports coach, magazine columnist, club owner and a businessman.

When I grow up I want to be a fireman.

jester_lute.jpgAnd a journalist. And run a football team. And run for government. And be a stand up comedian. And get a script published. And relax on a beautiful beach for six months with a team of dedicated experts coming up with new ways to be nice to me. It would be nice if someone was willing to give me money to do any of those things. If you know of such a person tell them to contact me. Soon. I’m losing weight and need food.
The world is my playground and everyone in it as a friend until they prove otherwise.

I am, consequently, a very happy person.


One Response to “About a jester”

  1. Leon Says:

    Will have a look at the site more often. Nice read. 😉

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