I went to see a live production of “Grease” the other day. The production was entertaining but it was the core message that got me the most. In an era that is just starting to recognize the failings of a politically correct society it is refreshing to see that a show that extols the virtues of all that is not ‘PC’.

Smoke, drink and act like a slut and live happily ever after. I like that. We seem to have forgotten something in the nineties. Apart from the drug-crazed loons at the Raves we seem to have forgotten how to party and indulge themselves. Everyone is afraid. “What will people think of me?”

Well, some of the people will think “What an arsehole!” This, unfortunately, cannot be avoided because they’re so terribly sober. There is an ancient rule that no-one in a social atmosphere should remain this sober so therefore it’s their fault and their problem. Before anyone gets angry because they think I’m saying you have to drink to have a good time: I’m not saying absolutely everyone has to drink, some of us were born one drink in the bag and already act that way. The rest of you: I’m saying you need to drink to have a good time, live with it.

But why should we care anyway? Why can’t we paint ourselves blue and run naked down the road singing “You can leave your hat on”? Why can’t we do this perfectly sober? Apart from the obvious bit where you get arrested for murdering a perfectly good song in cold blood and performing without a license, I mean. (Also a trifling matter indecent exposure, I love living in free country.)

The simple truth is that we’ve been programmed since birth. By the television, by our parents and later by our friends. We act a certain way in order to fit in and belong, long before we really know who we are and by the time we find out it’s too late to change. We end up acting how other people expect us to act instead of how we want to, and we wonder why we’re unhappy and it feels like there’s an empty hole inside of us.

Then, when people later in life realise this and try, desperately, to make some changes to their life before it’s too late we sneer at them. We call it a crisis, a Mid-Life Crisis. We change all the time. Change and grow. If we don’t allow that to show we stunt ourselves and make our lives unhappy. I would rather be completely alone and lonely in this world than be loved for being anyone but who I truly am.

So, speak your mind, be who you are. Abseil down your wife or husband or girlfriend’s company building at 8am in the morning, red rose between your teeth, fedora on your head, ukulele on your back, with confidence, passion and a really firm grip on the rope (no reason not to be sensible about it). Make your life your own again. Indulge.


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