“Why do you keep me at bay? When we met I thought I had made a connection with someone special. A like mind. Yet that seems to have weakened rather than strengthened. I’m held away. Before I thought we would be friends, maybe more. Now we are acquaintances- maybe just a little more. I fear these words I am saying because I have heard them before on the lips of people I did not respect. Could not respect, because they were weak and pathetic. I almost avoided this. I almost gave in to the fear. I almost did not say the words. Except… except that I am not like them. I am strong, I am secure, I am smart and I know there is something wrong here.”

“When we met, you were different. You were original. The way you talked, said things without fear of what people might think. The things you said… you weren’t the hero, you were a bit player. You were comic relief and you seemed happy with it. Secure. But that changed, even in the short space I’ve known you. You’ve become normal, quiet. I already know normal people, I don’t need more in my life. That would be boring.”

“Normal, how am I normal? My stories are of the same ilk. My approach to the world the same. I do have my loud days and my soft, but I stand astride the world as ever I did. I am, I admit, quieter around you than when we first met, but there is a reason for that.”

“What reason?”

“I am loud to drown out the boring background noise of boring background people. I have no interest in listening to their banal patter covering the goings on of their dull, little lives. If people have nothing interesting in their lives then they should make stuff up. Make it interesting. People hold the truth in too high esteem. Truth is not beauty any more than beauty is truth. Beauty is often a lie- that does not make it any less beautiful. Sometimes it can make it more beautiful.”

“You’re yammering like an idiot, make a point.”

“You’re interesting. I love listening to you. To spin a yarn. To tell a tale. To hold people enthralled with with wonderfully sculptured sentences. That is a valuable talent- one of the most valuable talents. A good story-teller can create marvels from a dull hour and a tired one can destroy an historical event. I have to put in so much effort to keep myself amused in most company. Yours is a pleasure.”



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