You learn to take life with a pinch of salt. Perspective is important insofar as the realisation that you have none. Compare, one day, when you are feeling particularily emotional (down or up) your perspective at that time with something a little more detached.

Watch the opening sequence of the movie ‘Contact’. The camera pans back from the earth past first the moon, then the planets, out of our solar system, past the nearest star, out of our galaxy, through nebulae and on and outward. Then you realise that you will never have perspective. We all live inside our own heads, inside our own minature universe in which we are the central player. Our world revolves around us.

Some will tell you that this is wrong, that we would be happier if we have perspective but I think they would be wrong. We are emotional creatures, not detached. Contact, connection, close and personal. These are the things that are important to us and the only reason why people are obsessed with alien life is that they are having problems connecting with human beings here.

Beware the bogey man, don’t talk to strangers. In our universe we are taught that there is a psychopath around every corner. We are wary of each other. Scared of talking to someone for fear that they will reject us as one of those psychopaths. Afraid of someone talking to us who might be a psychopath.

Also afraid no-one will ever talk to us. Afraid of a life with no-one new. We are only truly alive during those moments when we are making a connection with someone. I heard that said recently and I can’t say if it’s true for anyone else, but it’s certainly true for me. We are not long-lived as a species. Seventy-five years if you’re lucky. Tomorrow if you’re not.

I met someone the other day. We talked, we connected. I liked her. Smart, pretty, free-spirited. It turned out we attended the same primary school a thousand miles and twenty years ago. We ended up outside in the rain during a thunderstorm. At the base of a mountain we had never planned to see with lightning flashing above and thunder rolling just as it would have in our home town. We kissed for quite a while. It was one of the most alive moments of my entire life. There are some moments you will never forget.


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